San Diego Democrats Express Wide Support For Prop 15

SAN DIEGO, CA — Support for Proposition 15, the Schools and Communities First initiative, is widespread among San Diego Democrats across all levels of government and throughout the region (see sample list below with quotes). Their support is echoed by Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Kamala Harris, Governor Gavin Newsom, and thousands of others who have endorsed Prop 15.

Proposition 15 closes a corporate tax loophole created in 1978 that has enabled large corporations with commercial and industrial properties to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes, leaving the rest of us to fill the gap. This has resulted in the chronic underfunding of schools and communities across California and San Diego County. 

San Diego county would gain an additional $700 million a year for local cities to fund emergency response, youth programs and street repair; for local K-12 schools to invest in teachers, books, counselors and science equipment; and for special districts to meet the needs for water delivery, fire protection and healthcare.

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Prop 15 is endorsed by the California Democratic Party and elected leaders up and down the state. It explicitly protects homeowners and all residential property. A recent poll by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, shows Prop 15 is leading in California, and has a 10 point lead in San Diego County. Here is a cross section of Democratic leaders in San Diego County who support Prop 15:

California State Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins said:

“Prop 15 offers an honest and reasonable approach to put an end to corporate property tax loopholes while protecting homeowners, renters, and small businesses.”

San Diego Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said:

“Proposition 15 protects small businesses and homeowners, and ensures that we can begin to make the investments we need to build the future that I know so many of us believe is vital to our region.” 

Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas said: 

“Proposition 15 helps by leveling the playing field — it makes sure big corporations pay their fair share and exempts small businesses from increased taxes on commercial properties valued at $3 million or less.”

Chula Vista City Councilmember Steve Padilla said: 

“The Covid-19 pandemic has hit our communities hard. As Chula Vista families try to recover from the virus, the loss of loved ones and financial hardship, they will need help from our City and State. The funding Proposition 15 will provide will help our City fund the important services needed to help our community heal from COVID-19 and come back stronger.”

National City City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis said:

“National City and other San Diego cities in the South Bay have been hit exceptionally hard by COVID-19. The revenue that Proposition 15 will bring into our city and region will help with the economic recovery of our city and make sure National City residents have the resources they need to thrive.”

National City City Councilmember Mona Rios said:

“I am proud to support Proposition 15 because it will provide much needed resources to help us provide services and programs to our National City Residents, such as library services, parks, youth programs and fire services.”

Imperial Beach Mayor Pro Tempore Paloma Aguirre said:

“Prop 15 is key to CA’s recovery by investing in our schools and small businesses. That’s why I’m supporting it — because it will bring new revenue for our county and, for Imperial Beach an additional $550,000 in funding we desperately need to improve our city’s quality of life services such as after school programs, services for seniors, and a desperately needed parks and recreation program.”

Imperial Beach City Councilmember Mark West said: 

“By closing the largest tax loophole in CA history and making corporations pay their fair share in property taxes, Proposition 15 will help bring in thousands of dollars that will provide much needed services to the residents of Imperial Beach and help our city recover from COVID-19.”

San Diego City Council President Georgette Gomez said: 

"Proposition 15 makes big corporations pay their fair share to invest more than $84 million a year in San Diego's neighborhoods, healthcare clinics and resources for first responders on the frontlines of the pandemic. Vote YES on Proposition 15."

San Diego City Councilmember Monica Montgomery said: 

“Proposition 15 is fair and balanced reform that supports local schools, small business owners, and essential services. Now more than ever, we need resources to help our communities of concern and residents disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. When we invest in these communities, we make strides toward flattening the curve on inequity.”

San Diego City Councilmember Chris Ward said: 

“A vote for Prop 15 is a vote for a more inclusive economy for working families, greater investments in local infrastructure and public facilities, and an end to corporate tax loopholes that have taken billions away from our public schools. Vote yes on Prop 15 to guarantee our small business owners, families and children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and thrive.”

Lemon Grove Mayor Racquel Vasquez said: 

“The residents of Lemon Grove deserve leaders who fight to bring resources to them. That’s why I support Prop 15 -- it will deliver more than $600,000 to fund the essential services that residents deserve.”

Escondido City Councilmember Olga Diaz said:

“I endorse Prop 15!  For decades, the property tax rate for commercial properties has been artificially suppressed, limiting local government from providing adequate public safety, infrastructure maintenance and community services. The impact to local communities will be positive when commercial properties are fairly assessed and taxed.  This proposition balances the well being of working class families by getting a fair contribution from wealthy and profitable commercial investors.”

San Marcos City Councilmember Maria Nuñez said:

As one of the representatives of the educational hub of North San Diego County, I proudly support increasing our resources for our schools, the City of San Marcos, and the region as a whole. Proposition 15 will improve the lives of our most economically disadvantaged residents and ensure our students and future leaders receive the quality education everyone deserves.”

Vista City Councilmember Corinna Contreras said:

“I endorse Prop 15 because taxpayers deserve to recover the millions dollars lost every year to unjustifiable loopholes in our current system while still having all necessary protections for homeowners, renters, small businesses and precious agricultural land.”

Carlsbad Unified School Board Member Kathy Rallings said:

“It is about time that large corporations in California start paying their fair share in order to stabilize funding in our schools and communities.  Proposition 15 only impacts a small fraction of commercial properties to help lower class sizes and provide much needed community services.”

Oceanside School Board Trustee Eric Joyce said:

"Proposition 15 gives us an opportunity to build schools our children can be proud to learn in. There is no better time to invest in California's future than today. I support Proposition 15."

San Marcos School Boardmember Stacy Carlson said:

“For far too long, our schools have gone without the resources we need because large corporations were not paying their fair share in taxes. Proposition 15 will recover thousands of dollars for our students, our teachers, our schools and our communities.”

San Diego Unified School District Board Vice President Richard Barrera said:

“Prop 15 provides our generation the opportunity to leave future Californians with what they most need and deserve -- great public schools.” 

Vista Unified School District Board Member Cipriano Vargas said:

“Proposition 15 will help us make sure our students have the resources and tools they need to succeed and get a good quality education. It’s time for us to prioritize our schools and communities first.”

Vista Unified School District Board Member Martha Alvarado said:

"I am proud to support Prop. 15. As a 20-year educator working in the trenches and a school board trustee, it saddens me that state funding does not prioritize students in public education. Prop. 15 would generate revenue that will be used to provide students with critical supports, such as nurses and social workers, to thrive."

San Diego Community College District Board President Maria Nieto Senour said: 

“Community colleges are the backbone of higher education and workforce development in California. Prop 15 would generate nearly $500 million every year for community colleges in the state, and over $42 million of that would come directly to San Diego County community colleges. The level of new revenue that community colleges would be getting from Schools & Communities First would be a game changer.”

San Diego Community College District Trustee Sean Elo-Rivera said:

“For years, California’s community colleges have been severely underfunded. Proposition 15 will invest in San Diego’s students so they can reach their goals and our community has the well-trained workforce we need to become a world-class city with a strong and just economy.”

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Governing Board President Linda Cartwright: 

“The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District plays a pivotal role in East County in training students for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Prop 15 would generate close to $9 million for our district to prepare more people for a changing economy, which will be critical to our recovery from the pandemic.”

Southwestern Community College District Governing Board President Nora Vargas said:

“It’s time for us to invest in our students, our economy and our future, that’s why all San Diego County community college districts support Proposition 15.” 

Southwestern Community College District Governing Board Member Roberto Alcantar said:

"More than 75% of our essential workers are trained at community colleges, yet our community colleges struggle each year to make certain we have the resources our students need. Proposition 15 will provide critical resources to help train future nurses, firefighters, EMTs and other members of our workforce who help take care of our entire community."

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