San Diego Chicano Educators Support Prop 15

SAN DIEGO, CA — Chicano educators across San Diego County fully support Prop 15, which would raise billions of dollars in funding for schools and communities in San Diego and California. As educators of color, they are calling for all San Diegans to come together -- whether they are Brown, Black or White -- and vote Yes on Prop 15. 

Prop 15 closes a corporate tax loophole created in 1978 that has enabled large corporations to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes, leaving the rest of us to fill the gap. This has resulted in the chronic underfunding of schools and communities. 

Through Proposition 15, every school, every community college and every city in San Diego county would gain much-needed funding. San Diego county would gain an additional $700 million. Local K-12 schools (including charters) would gain over $300 million a year and local community colleges would gain over $42 million a year. In addition to gaining funds for San Diego county’s schools, Prop 15 would provide funding for local cities, water and fire districts and for healthcare and other county services. 

The Association of Raza Educators issued the following statement: 

“The majority of Raza students in California attend schools that have been historically underfunded and lacking in the social and academic services we so critically need! Prop 15 would close the corporate tax loophole that robs billions of dollars a year from our students y familias! It would provide the resources needed to ensure smaller class sizes, more educators and counselors, and the school programs that nurture and uplift our children. We must demand that our community schools receive the funding and services that have been denied to us for far too long! We will not stand by as the rich continue to hoard the wealth built on the backs of our people! Our students and families deserve dignity and respect! JOIN US AND VOTE YES ON PROP 15!” 

Patrick Velasquez, co-chair of Chicano/Latino Concilio on Higher Education of San Diego County said:

"Education, including higher education, in California has been underfunded for decades. Prop 15 will require the wealthy corporations to pay their fair share so that California finally spends more on higher education than for prisons."

Leo Carrillo, community college counselor, said:


“As a counselor in the community colleges, I have witnessed students, like undocumented students, striving to achieve their educational goals. I ask you to vote yes on Proposition 15 so that funds are invested in educational institutions enabling students to continue to meet their goals.”


“Como consejero en los colegios comunitarios, he presenciado a estudiantes, tales como estudiantes indocumentados, esforzándose para realizar sus metas educativas. Les pido que voten sí a la propuesta 15, para que fondos monetarios sean invertidos a las instituciones escolares para que los estudiantes sigan cumpliendo sus metas.”

Elva Salinas, trustee on the Grossmont Union High School District Board of Trustees said:

“Proposition 15 will provide secure and consistent funding to schools so we can lower class sizes and provide job security for our teachers, which translates into deeper learning, higher grades and a better quality of life for our children.”

Isidro Ortiz, professor of Chicano/Chicana Studies at San Diego State University, said:

“In the years since 1978, Chicanos/Latinos have made educational gains, and now they are the majority of the K-12 public school population. However, continued progress will require new resources. Prop 15 will provide vital support as well as close off an unfair loophole.”

San Diego Community College District Board President Maria Nieto Senour said: 

“Community colleges are the backbone of higher education and workforce development in California. Prop 15 would generate nearly $500 million every year for community colleges in the state, and over $42 million of that would come directly to San Diego County community colleges. The level of new revenue that community colleges would be getting from Schools & Communities First would be a game changer.”

María Figueroa, chair of the MiraCosta English Department, said:  

“Prop 15 will begin to address the funding gap created by the loopholes that major corporations take advantage of at the expense of local educational entities. In doing so, we ensure community colleges, who remain the most accessible vehicle toward attaining higher education and lifelong learning, are supported by the very communities they were designed to serve.”


About Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund

Formed in 2016, Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund (ASDMF) is a California non-profit public benefit corporation formed under IRS section 501(c)(4). ASDMF seeks to expand the opportunity for all San Diego residents, especially marginalized residents, to reach their full potential by increasing their participation in our democracy, our economy, and our society. To advance our mission, we are engaging in voter education and policy advocacy.