Policy & Advocacy

To increase participation in our democracy, our economy, and our society, Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund is developing policy and advocating for change on a number of fronts. Here are some of the issues we’re working on.

Border Patrol Accountability

We believe that San Diegans should be able to live in peace and dignity without the fear of abuse by border agents who patrol away from the border and in our communities, sometimes violating our constitutional, civil and human rights. We believe that discussions about increasing the power, resources and jurisdiction of border agents must include a conversation about transparency, accountability, and oversight of these agents. And any border policy decisions made at the national level must be based on data, analysis and consultation with border residents and stakeholders.

To that end, ASDMF is working with regional and national partners to draft policies and advocate for legislation that increases the accountability of border agents and includes the perspectives of border residents. From San Diego to Washington, D.C., we are elevating the conversation and moving the debate in order to improve the treatment of border residents. We are calling for a New Border Vision that leads with our values and honors the humanity and dignity of all people in the region.