Mobilizing San Diego: Strengthening California's Democracy Begins in San Diego


One in 10 California Voters Live in San Diego County                        

With over 1.6 million registered voters, San Diego County has the second largest number of voters in the state, after Los Angeles, and has one of the highest turnout rates among large counties in California. Given its size, the San Diego electorate plays an influential role in state outcomes.

San Diego Voters are More Diverse Than Ever Before

San Diego County is an ethnic plurality with no single ethnic majority. Although the electorate does not yet reflect this diversity, voters of color make up an increasing percentage and are now roughly one-third of the electorate. Young voters and lower income voters are also an increasing percentage of the electorate. These voters, in addition to voters of color, make up the New American Majority, which identifies as more liberal than conservative.

Mobilizing New American Majority Voters to Make an Impact

Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund is mobilizing New American Majority voters who are not yet voting regularly. We are engaging these voters on the issues that matter most and boosting their participation in elections so that their perspectives and experiences are included in the decision making affecting us all. We believe that democracy functions best when the most people participate. By increasing participation in San Diego County, we are strengthening our democracy in California.

See What's at Stake in the November 2022 General Election in San Diego County