Measures K and L: San Diego City Elections Reformed in Historic Vote

Originally published on November 10, 2016

San Diego, CALIF.-Democracy is best served when the most voters are participating. That was the signature tenet of Measures K and L and it rang true with wins for the two measures that will amend the City Charter of San Diego.

Measure K won with 58% of the vote. Measure L won with 65% of the vote.

Written by the Independent Voter Project, Measure K will align San Diego with the State of California’s election rules, using the same nonpartisan top-two runoff process to elect our mayor, city attorney and council members as we use to elect the Governor, state legislators, and members of Congress.

Chad Peace, attorney with the Independent Voter Project, and author of Measure K said, “Quietly, San Diego did something quite important. Measure K will not necessarily change who will get elected in the future. But it will ensure that our leaders are accountable to everyone.”

And, drafted by Alliance San Diego, Measure L will ensure that citizen initiatives and referendums are voted on only in the November general election, when the most voters participate.

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