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In the November 2018 election, voters will have an opportunity to select candidates that reflect their views and values. They will choose their preferred candidate to represent them in the United States Congress, California Legislature, Governor’s office, and other statewide offices. At the local level, they will also choose their preferred county supervisor and city council candidate.

To make sure San Diegans have the candidates’ most definitive answers to the questions that matter most, Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund sent each of the candidates a 11-question questionnaire. Two of the most important races are the congressional races in the 49th district and the 50th district. Both seats are hotly contested and could shift the balance of power in Congress. Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund will be turning out voters in both races to ensure that the diverse voices of those districts are heard at the ballot box.

In addition to candidates, voters will decide this November on several local and state ballot measures. There are three in particular that could impact San Diego for generations to come. Learn more about them below.

The issues in November 2018


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Learn how Measure G would transform SDSU and San Diego for generations to come!

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Measure D

See why this measure will ensure that important countywide decisions are made when the most people vote.

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Prop 5

Read about how this measure takes money away from schools and communities, and fails to address California’s housing crisis.

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