Despite Overwhelming Community Opposition, County Votes To Side With Corporations on Prop 15

SAN DIEGO, CA — On Tuesday, Sept. 15th, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (BOS) voted 4-1 in favor of a resolution opposing Prop 15, despite a cascade of community comments opposing the move. 

Siding with a handful of wealthy corporations like Disneyland and exclusive golf courses like the San Diego Country Club — both of which have not paid their fair share in property taxes since 1978 — the BOS effectively put special interest before the needs of our schools and communities.

Prop 15 will close a corporate tax loophole for the biggest commercial and industrial property owners, and generate $12 billion a year for schools and communities  — including more than $700 million in new revenue for our region that will benefit every school, community college and city. It will do so while protecting and boosting small businesses and keeping protections for homeowners and renters. Learn more about Prop 15’s local impact here.

Christopher Rice-Wilson, associate director of Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund, issued this statement:

“The San Diego County Board of Supervisors had the opportunity to stand up to wealthy corporations and their armies of accounting tricksters, and support our schools and communities, but instead they did the opposite.

It’s clear some of the Supervisors would rather protect exclusive golf courses and multinational corporations rather than stand with San Diego’s children, families, and communities who need support the most, especially during times of emergency. We appreciate Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s vote opposing this shameful resolution that puts the needs of corporations before our communities. 

When corporations don’t pay their fair share, our communities suffer. It’s time to end this immoral loophole that has perpetuated the chronic underfunding of our schools and communities for far too long.”


Formed in 2016, Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund (ASDMF) is a California non-profit public benefit corporation formed under IRS section 501(c)(4). ASDMF seeks to expand the opportunity for all San Diego residents, especially marginalized residents, to reach their full potential by increasing their participation in our democracy, our economy, and our society. To advance our mission, we are engaging in voter education and policy advocacy.