Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund Statement on District Attorney’s Race

Published May 31, 2018

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Recent news reports have focused on the investment of outside PACs in the San Diego County District Attorney’s race. The emphasis on outside PACs ignores the efforts of local organizations to elect Geneviéve Jones-Wright to be the next D.A. Local organizations like Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund (ASDMF) are investing in this race because we need a new D.A. with a fresh approach who is committed to reforming the criminal justice system so that it serves us all.

ASDMF works with diverse communities who believe we need a D.A. who prioritizes resources, prosecutes criminals, and holds law enforcement accountable. Voters want a D.A. who will focus on violent crimes and spend the resources to test all rape kits rather than spend resources on overzealous prosecutions of minor offenses. This leads to mass incarceration, which disproportionately impacts communities of color, and has resulted in one in three Americans having a criminal record. More than half of those imprisoned are parents of minor children. Criminalization of our communities negatively affects families, creates barriers to employment and is a major driver of poverty.

At the same time, voters want to end police impunity. Some members of law enforcement are abusing their power and abusing the people they were sworn to protect. But rarely, if ever, has our current D.A. or our prior district attorneys held law enforcement agents accountable. Geneviéve Jones-Wright resonates with voters because she is the only candidate that has made a commitment to hold those who abuse their power accountable. These are some of the reasons why ASDMF is supporting Geneviéve.

Christopher Rice-Wilson, Associate Director of Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund, has issued the following statement:

“Our confidence in Geneviéve Jones-Wright is strong and growing. In fact, we are increasing our outreach efforts including digital ads as we speak; and mobilizing more people to make calls and knock on doors. The voters we are speaking to are excited about bringing real change to the District Attorney’s Office because they know that Geneviéve Jones-Wright has the courage to challenge the establishment and fight for a better, fairer system. Geneviéve is not just a great choice for San Diego, but is the right choice at the right time, which is why Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund supports her."


Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund is a local 501(c)(4) organization and sponsor of the PAC, Justice San Diego Supporting Geneviéve Jones-Wright for District Attorney 2018. FPPC# 1405203